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Ana Sayfa: Hoş Geldiniz

KarmaDrama is 15 years old!

We continue our artistic journey, which we started in the Galata district in 2009, on our own stage that we opened in Kadıköy in 2014, and we celebrate the 15th anniversary of KarmaDrama with pride and joy with all the artistic beauties we have accumulated since 2024. 


So what have we done during these last 15 years?


We have realized a total of 19 theater plays, 3 of which are foreign productions and 4 of which are children's plays, and presented them to our audiences during these 15 years, and we continue to produce them. We are working to add a brand new game to our repertoire in 2024. 


Between 2014 and 2023, we hosted 38 theater teams on our stage regularly every month with their different projects. 


Again, between 2014 and 2023, 24 different musicians and groups gave concerts on our stage every month, almost every week, and left a pleasant impression. 


We provided acting and performing arts training for children, youth and adults. 


Seminars, documentaries and film screenings took place in our theatre. We offered a colorful range to our audience with exhibitions, galas and dance shows. 


We held many individual development workshops during this period. Mask making and accessory production workshops, handicrafts and individual skill training, mind games training such as Go/Chess, self-defense techniques, tango and salsa dance training, writing workshops given periodically by Faruk Duman and Cüneyt Uzunlar are still continuing under the management of Melek Alpak. Tai Chi exercises, diction and personalized development workshops and studies in different disciplines…


During the pandemic period, we made live broadcasts and enabled our audience to meet musicians and stage artists with many concerts and theater plays.


We have carried out many social projects to convey the art of theater to people not only on our stage, but also in the neighborhood and surrounding area where our theater is located. We became one of the founding elements of the platform created to ensure that many theater teams in Kadıköy come together. 


We have packed a lot into this short period of 15 years and we continue to produce.


While the basic acting workshops with Damla Özen and Togay Kılıçoğlu and the Tai Chi workshop with Melek Alpak continue in the 2024 season, the Actor-Writer Workshop with master actor Cüneyt Uzunlar has also set out. 


Concert where Turgay Yakut sang his own compositions Thursday evening, January 25 KarmaDrama will be on stage.


We continue to question and have people question merit on stage with Erasmus's play In Praise of Madness, which is KarmaDrama's own production and adapted to the stage for the first time in Turkey. You can continue to watch Aziz Togay Kılıçoğlu in the game this season as well. 


Our new play this season is The Witch, written by Cüneyt Uzunlar; It is directed by Togay Kılıçoğlu. Damla Özen, whom we will watch on stage as an actress, will soon meet her audience on the KarmaDrama stage. 


We continue to host guest teams throughout the season. In January, we will host the Nar Drama team from out of town with two plays. The first game is for our children, the adults of the future; The King's Flowers, written by Andersen, was adapted and staged by Nilüfer Akcan Tekin and she stars again. The play can be watched on Friday, December 26 at 11:00. 

Another play by Nar Drama is Collecting Ahs. Nilüfer Akcan Tekin, whom we will watch on stage with her new play, is also the author of the play. 


We are closing January's program with Merdane, written and performed by the acclaimed Cüneyt Uzunlar. 


Our award ceremony titled "Blind and Deaf Support Each Other", which we have organized since the day we first opened, as a criticism of the award system and discriminatory lobbying mobbing in our profession.Saturday, June 1 2024 hours18:00It will take place on our stage in . 


We are happy to share with you another dream that has been in our minds since the day we were founded. 

We are organizing a festival with the title “One text, multiple disciplines”. We will share the details of this festival with you very soon.  


If you want to be informed about all the activities of KarmaDrama, just look at our website You can be informed about events on our website, as well as buy tickets to the event you want. You can also meet us as "KarmaDrama Sahne" on all social media.


Hoping to cross paths and many more art-filled years…


    Thu, 23 May
    KarmaDrama Scene
    23 May 2024, 20:00 – 21:30
    KarmaDrama Scene, Hasanpaşa, Derici Zeynel Sk. No: 8-A, 34722 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Türkiye
    Turgay Yakut is with you with his own compositions and music.
  • Disiplinler Arası Festival
    Disiplinler Arası Festival
    Sat, 25 May
    Karma Drama
    25 May 2024, 20:00 – 31 May 2024, 23:00
    Karma Drama, Hasanpaşa, Derici Zeynel Sk. No: 8-A, 34722 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Türkiye
    KarmaDrama Disiplinler Arası Festivali (Etkinlikler ücretsizdir. )
Ana Sayfa: İletişim

We use all surfaces and atmosphere of our stage UV-C We disinfect it regularly with a light system.


Ana Sayfa: Performanslar



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