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We; Damla Özen and A. Togay Kılıçoğlu In 2009, we declared war against windmills and KARMADRAMA VISUAL ARTS LTD. ŞTİ. We established a theater with its official name. In short, you can call it KarmaDrama  We decided to continue our professional artistic life, which we have been leading for years, in our own theater.

KarmaDrama is not just a theatre, it is an integrated structure that can offer products in many areas of visual arts and uses all disciplines. This is where the word 'KARMA' in its name comes from. KarmaDrama 'combined' is written, the initial letters of both words are capitalized. 

We believe that art should be made for people and that it is a powerful communication tool. While producing our works, we work by paying attention to values that "touch people" and touch their lives. We are aware that theater is the most effective way to reach people. For this reason, at KarmaDrama, we adopt the basic principle of producing art by respecting the human values of each person, from the people we work with to the audience we address, within the framework of ethical rules, in all our work.

We hope to cross paths with you and meet you one day.

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